Lash info

‘Eyelash extensions suit every set of eyes that wear them.’

Eyelash extensions have grown to be the everyday woman’s go to when they want to feel beautiful and or minimise the time they get ready wether it be for special occasions or consistent wear, they enhance your eyes, facial features and can be tailored to all eye shapes.


A single lash extension or fan is placed per one natural eyelash by your artist whom will cover almost 100% of the natural lash line only leaving the baby lashes or the ones that are too fine. You will never have any damage to your natural lashes as long as they have been applied and taken care of correctly.

Yes, eyelash extensions make your every day life smoother but they do come with maintenance… remember you wouldn’t just wash your hair with water right? Once on they must be cleansed weekly or more depending your routine (exercise), if you have oily skin or wear heavy make up with a lash safe cleanser usually supplied by your lash artist, this ensures you have clean lashes free from any build up of your everyday life and you get the best retention out of your beautiful eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are not permanent, your natural lashes will shed around six lashes per day and at three weeks there will generally be around 35%-50% of extensions left on and a refill is required for up keep, though you can just let them fall away over the next few weeks or have them safely removed by your lash artist.

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